B. Brownson & Associates, L. P. is the industry unique standard
of performance, quality, and service. Why?

  • Quality Imperative. By client definition, we have consistently delivered the highest level of quality custom-tailored services provided by any firm. We guarantee small firm responsiveness with the capabilities and resources of the largest firms.

  • 100% Completion Ratio. We complete every assignment we undertake. This is unheard of in our industry and is discussed openly in books such as Brad Smart's Topgrading: How Leading Companies Win by Hiring. Coaching and Keeping the Best People.

  • 70 Day Unconditional Guarantee. If a client is dissatisfied with the quality of service during the first 70 calendar days of our relationship, we will refund all professional fees paid to that date. Our unique, industry-wide guarantee absolutely differentiates us within our industry.

  • 12 Month Unconditional Guarantee. If the final candidate leaves the client's organization during the first 12 months of employment, we will source a qualified replacement without professional fee.

  • Custom-Tailored Process. We guarantee small firm responsiveness with the capabilities of the largest firms. We consistently communicate, follow-through, and follow-up in all phases of our process: decision; assess & specify; identify & evaluate; select & negotiate; assimilate & deploy.

  • Quality Audit. We conduct a formal quality audit following every assignment with out client to improve and better custom-tailor our services and the quality of our relationship.

  • Final Candidate Assimilation Process. Service does not end with the offer of employment. We facilitate a uniquely differentiating process to enable a rapid integration of the final candidate into the position and facilitate change and transition management for all stakeholders.

  • Talent Integration Services. We provide accurate input, services, and facilitation in a comprehensive range of results-oriented talent integration imperatives: strategic organization, manpower, succession planning, competitor compensation analysis, and organization development & effectiveness.